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The Important of Good Design In Business

First impressions are everything. Technology has granted businesses with multiple avenues for brand exposure making the emphasis on good design more important than ever. Everything from your logo, your website, to your social media accounts, advertisements, packaging, etc.; the list goes on and on. Good design can make a difference between locking in a sale or losing a potential customer.

According to a survey by Tyton Media, 48% of people said that a company’s website design was their number one determining factor of its credibility. Let’s think about that for a moment. Almost half of your potential customers weigh your entire credibility on your company website. So why not make an impactful statement, make a good impression, and establish credibility through good design right from the very first website visit?

It’s not just about your company’s website either. During the 10 seconds it takes to form a first impression, your brand logo design is 13% more likely to grab someone’s attention and 71.6% more likely to get a positive response the more unique and memorable it is. (Source: Siegel+Gale)

Consistency is also key in maintaining successful brand design. Whether it’s across your social media accounts or package designs, it is critical to keep the look and feel of your branding consistent. Brand consistency promotes easy recognition, trustworthiness, and reliability. No one can get to know your brand when it’s visually chaotic and always telling a different story. Good design creates a connection with your customers. When you create a visually impactful, memorable and emotional connection with your branding design, you are showing your consumers who you are as a company.

Create a style guide to determine certain rules when applying your branding to different assets. This will ensure consistency across anything and everything you apply your branding to. This also makes things easier when you have multiple designers handling different promotional materials or marketing collateral.

Good design plays such an important role in creating strong marketing strategies. It’s the difference of taking messaging that is in the form of plain text and creating an impactful message through imagery and design. Let good design bring your brand success and start getting creative!


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