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Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

It’s a fact of life that we live in a technology dependent world where we resort to the internet with whatever questions or needs we have. One of the major reasons why digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing channels is because the internet has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time.

Customers have grown accustomed to engaging and interacting with one’s brand or business.

Another equally important reason is its affordability. Digital marketing is infinitely more affordable when compared to traditional marketing channels.

An email or social media campaign can send your message to a wider audience for a fraction of the cost of a TV advertisement for example.

Plus creating that memorable brand logo can be achieved using an online logo creator with all the fonts, lots of different logo designs that are fully customisable without the huge price tag.

Even if your business is already thriving, you may be missing out on an untold number of leads, partners, clients and dollars if you are not properly utilizing some simple digital marketing techniques. And yes, it can actually be made quite simple if you are willing to learn.

Some industries have put digital marketing to good use while others are just slowly starting to.

Agricultural industry, the real estate industry and the construction businesses are such examples. Farmers and realtors are not taking advantage of some simple marketing steps that could put them ahead of the competition in this respect.

Initial Questions

The first step to any successful marketing plan is to come up with some realistic goals and a strategy to achieve those goals.

Be specific about what your goals are with each area of your digital marketing plan including your website, email marketing, social media and the combined efforts of all elements.

Having a clear set of expectations will not only help you see how your marketing tactics are working, this will also be the benchmark by which you can set future goals.

Who is my target audience?

Before you can begin, you need to identify the certain key demographics with whom you specialize and on whom your efforts will focus.

Farmers, for instance, should pinpoint which heathy products are trending in their vicinity and spread the word about their products; realtors should determine whether their clients want to see luxury condos for sale in Atlanta or will they be looking for starter homes in Seattle.

What metrics will determine success?

You will need to identify and track key metrics that indicate levels of success in different areas. This may mean increases in website traffic, higher quantities of sales leads, better quality sales leads, higher conversion rates or any number of relevant factors.

How often should your efforts produce results?

Many entrepreneurs harm themselves by making premature adjustments and unnecessary changes to their marketing efforts. To avoid these counterproductive mistakes, you must be able to make realistic expectations and proper calculations based on the key metrics you determine. You must allow your efforts the adequate amount of time; otherwise you will essentially be chasing your own tail.

What is your expected return on investment (ROI)?

For the reasons stated above, you will have to avoid pulling out of your investments if they are not showing huge gains immediately. Set realistic goals about what you hope to achieve and how much you expect to earn in terms of ROI.

The Importance of Your Website

In the minds of many Americans– especially younger generations– one’s website is an exact representation of oneself, and this is the case even more so with business sites.

Before you can smile at, speak to or shake hands with a potential client, he or she will have already studied your business and likely made some decisions about it based on its site.

If you have not already, you will also want to start a business blog on your site.

Blogging not only makes your site more relevant and popular in the eyes of your target audience, it is also crucial for SEO purposes.

Your articles should be informative, entertaining and specific to the needs of homebuyers in your area.

You will also want to include additional content that will appeal to your target audience such as real estate reports, guides, infographics and other resources that are helpful when searching for a new home.

Email and Social Media

Email is free, instant and provides a direct link between you and your clients. Unfortunately, the idea of email marketing is a turnoff for many people, but it does not have to be this way. Your emails should be entertaining and informative, and they should contain more than blatant requests to use your services.

Additionally, every business in the modern era should take advantage of social media marketing. Social media allows you to directly communicate with current clients, potential clients and industry colleagues while promoting your own brand and values.

Derek Pursley is an influencer marketing pro with who is passionate about building authentic relationships and helping businesses connect with their ideal online audience.

He keeps his finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving digital marketing world by writing on the latest marketing advancements and focuses on developing customized blogger outreach plans based on industry and competition.


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