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7 Reasons to Revamp Your Website Today!

This is even truer in the website design world. If you think your website is a one-time investment, you need to take a tour of some of the newer websites on the Internet. You’ll be astonished. And if you’re not convinced your website is out of date, consider the following seven reasons why you should consider a website revamp.

1. A website revamp will provide a refreshing new interface to your customers
Dysfunctional websites irritate customers. Would you choose a vendor with a site that clearly hasn’t been touched in years or one with a site filled with eye-catching, engaging, up-to-date information and content?

Today’s customers are attracted to quality website content hosted on well-designed sites. A pleasing website enhances credibility and increases website traffic. Revamping your website makes it more efficient, and customizing it gives your users a better navigation experience.

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In your customers’ eyes, your website design is a reflection of your credibility. Studies have shown that customers are more willing to trust and spend money on businesses with better-designed websites. This implies that a better website increases your chance of converting visitors into leads and then customers.

2. Preserve your good website ranking
What happens when you don’t update your website periodically? You lose a valuable asset—your search engine ranking points (SERP), which define your ranking in Google searches.

Considering that 60 percent of searches are done on Google, a lower ranking negatively affects your business.

A website revamp will maintain or upgrade your SERP and give you an edge over your competitors. Google also periodically updates its search engine algorithm, and you should adhere to these updates when you revamp your website.

3. Secure your website
Cyber attacks have become daily occurrences with 30,000 websites hacked per day. This is obviously costly for the businesses on the receiving end of this criminal activity.

So, is your website secure? If not, you’re at risk. After all, your website is your livelihood and it promotes your business. And you don’t want someone to snatch away your profits, do you?

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In this unsecure setting, a revamp will provide security for your website. During your revamp, developers will analyze your site’s bug history and build you a better and more secure website.

Strong companies are vigilant about security issues and readily pay to fix it. Revamping your website ensures the safety of your business, if you update your site periodically.

4. Adjust to new marketing goals
Your website is a reflection of your business in its current state. Aligning your website with the growth of your business is as important as keeping your accounts in order. With the help of your past results, you can analyze your traffic and formulate a better strategy. You can then weave this strategy into your website.

Your business targets may have changed since you started your business. You may want to introduce a new range of products, add a cart to sell products directly from your website, or even add things like blogs and polls. The technologies that you can integrate into your site are endless and the things you choose mainly depend on your target audience. A review of what you need on your new site is the first step toward harnessing these technologies.

5. Be compatible with browsers
Browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are periodically updated. As changes are made to browser technology, your website may stop appearing as it originally did, unless you’re vigilant. To ensure your website loads properly across multiple web browsers and on mobile, it’s essential to reassess your website once in a while.

6. Refresh your content strategy
You may publish some of the best content on the web, but you’re not receiving the traffic you expected.

Why? Your content may lack photographs and videos, which means your it isn’t as pleasing or attractive as it could be.

What’s the solution? Review your website and add new features and optimize it so your users can easily read your content. Consider including calls-to-action (CTA) and landing pages to introduce your brand to the first-time visitors, introduce new products to old ones, and to grab your customers’ attention. Finally, for those who use social media, add sharing plugins and widgets. You don’t want to miss a platform where your target audience hangs out.

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Adding new visitors (prospects) who can be made into leads and then be converted into regular customers will definitely help your business grow.

7. Make your website compatible with mobiles
One major benefit of a website revamp is that it will become compatible with mobile devices. A third of website traffic comes from mobiles devices, so your website needs to be easily navigatable on smartphones and tablets.

Google ranks mobiles websites on their response. The better the response, the higher your site ranks.The growing number of mobile devices provides a huge opportunity for you to scale up your business.

Most businesses are masters of their craft, but not web development experts, which is why 95 percent of businesses have outdated websites. Now that you know the main reasons to revamp your website, you should change it periodically to keep your business flowing smoothly and your relationship with customers healthy.


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