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Why Your Website Needs a Blog (& How to Start One)

Some business owners think of blogging as something only “bloggers” do to share their personal stories. However, blogging is actually a powerful marketing tool—and it’s one of our top recommendations for new businesses to grow your audience and brand!

Should your website have a blog?

We think so!

We recommend all (well, okay, most) websites include a blog.

Your blog can be structured in many different ways, contain different types of content, be comprised of different mediums (like writing, videos or photos), be written by one author or multiple authors. There are a gazillion different ways to set up and maintain your blog, and different strategies will work best for different business types and industries.

But a common thread among most websites is that having a blog will help to grow both your website audience and your business overall.

There are several reasons maintaining a blog can support your broader business goals:


Blogging improves your website’s SEO

It’s true. Most websites’ SEO is dramatically enhanced by including a quality blog. There are a few ways maintaining a blog works to boost your entire website’s SEO:

  • Each new blog post adds more content, titles and keywords to your website that search engines can then crawl to determine what your site is about. For new websites in particular, this means a blog can help search engines better “see” you, as well as better understand the content you provide and who they should send your way.
  • Because blog posts are able to explore content in more depth and specificity than general pages or product descriptions typically do, they can better position your content to be relevant to specific questions your audience is searching for.
  • Blog posts are typically published more frequently than other pages on your site are updated. This regular activity helps to show search engines that your site is updated regularly and contains current information.
  • Blog posts are organized with categories and tags, both types of metadata that help to communicate your keywords to search engines.
  • An archive of quality blog posts can keep visitors on your site, exploring your content for longer. This helps SEO because increased “dwell time” shows search engines that visitors find your content useful.
  • Blog posts tend to be better at incorporating long-tail keywords than other types of pages on your site. Long-tail keywords (more than four words) are an important part of your SEO strategy, as they tend to be more specifically relevant to what your audience is searching. (For example, you may think of “web design” as a keyword, but “how to build your own website” is a long-tail keyword that’s more likely to appear in real life searches.)
  • Blog content gives you more opportunities for internal linking throughout your site. For example, here’s another blog post we wrote on why internal linking helps boost your website’s SEO.
  • In addition to promoting internal linking, blog posts provide more opportunities for other sites to link back to your site, promoting inbound links as well.
  • Squarespace’s blogging interface allows you to set a location to each blog post, an important SEO element for location-based businesses.

The SEO benefits tend to be enough of a reason to start blogging to grow your website, but there are other important benefits a blog brings to your business as well:

Sharing expertise establishes you as an industry expert

Particularly for new businesses, publishing blog posts related to topics in your industry helps to establish you as an industry expert—and, thus, a brand that customers respect and trust.

Aim to specifically share content that your target audience would find useful, and that’s relevant to the services or products your business offers.

Blogging helps to define your brand

Blogging is a simple and effective way to establish a voice for your brand.

Whether you’re a formal industry expert with an impressive vocabulary; a relatable blogger offering friendly advice; or you communicate complicated topics with a sense of humor—a blog is your opportunity to define your voice and your brand.

Your blog posts help to establish who you are as a brand, building rapport and helping your audience (potential customers!) better understand and connect with you.

Content marketing grows your audience

Blog content provides an opportunity to promote your expertise (and business!) via content marketing. And content marketing just so happens to be one of our very favorite methods of growing your audience and business.

We recommend sharing your blog content on social media, Pinterest (which technically isn’t social media 😉), and even guest posting on relevant sites.


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