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Best Products to Sell Online

After the global pandemic and spikes in sales over the course of 2020, shopping habits have reached an equilibrium. Where once people were rushing toward toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks, we’re now seeing these buying sprees come to a close. More consumer data/trends points toward the shopping behaviors of our new normal. Let’s take a look at the best products to sell online in 2021.


  • Best Products to Sell Online in 2021
  • What makes a product good for e-commerce?
  • How to stay on top of e-commerce trends
  • Best Products to Sell Online in 2021


1. Pet Products

As celebrity dogs and cats enjoy their Insta-fame, pet owners continue to purchase hundreds of trending products online. In fact, the global pet care market is projected to surpass US$270 billion by 2025.

When pet owners view their pets as a central part of their household--not just as an animal--their purchase mentality shifts. Spending extra cash on the newest pet products becomes a necessity, not a luxury. Particularly now during quarantine, who better to splurge on than your pets!

No matter the items, there are three key purchasing behaviors that motivate their decisions: to maintain the health of their pets; to enjoy leisure time with their pets; and, to make sure they are comfortable in the home. Especially with ongoing lockdowns, online shoppers are sure to buy the next greatest product that offers their pet more comfort.

  • Slow feeder bowls
  • Pet grooming gloves
  • Pet selfie tools
  • Electronic cat toys
  • Pet beds


2. Health and Beauty Items

The health and beauty sector is another time-tested, reliable source of business for any e-commerce site. Especially now with rising stress levels, Zoom conference calls, and stay-at-home orders across countries all over the globe, people are focused on their internal well-being and physical appearance. In fact, WARC reports that the online share of sales made in the health and beauty sector is expected to 23.3% by 2025.

Additionally, interest in sustainable, cruelty-free products means that you must offer vegan- or vegetarian-friendly products in your e-commerce marketplace. The past year has brought with it an increased focus on brand stewardship, highlighting the (surprisingly profitable) power of marketing your store and your products as a mindful, holistic choices.

Keep this in mind: while women make up a majority of the target market for health and beauty items, an increasing amount of men are buying grooming products online.

  • Beard oil
  • Vegan makeup
  • Drying lotion
  • All-natural skincare
  • Cruelty-free nailpolish


3. Smart Devices and Bluetooth Products

If your current sales are not music to your ears, you might want to consider offering wireless and Bluetooth products. With technology like Apple’s AirPods, consumers now expect a hands- and hassle-free user experience. These items also help to make more comfortable home office spaces.

But it’s not only wireless and Bluetooth consumer audio/video technology that is trending, however. These smart devices are a mainstay of today’s tech marketplace, so stocking your store with items that incorporate these wireless benefits can make all the difference when it comes to your customers’ shopping carts.

  • Wireless/Bluetooth headphones
  • Wireless/Bluetooth earbuds
  • Portable wireless/Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart keychains
  • Smart bulbs


4. Athleisure/Activewear Apparel

As people work out at home during the ongoing pandemic, buyers are searching for comfortable clothing to wear either around the house or for quick errands while stepping out from the home.

Following in the footsteps of athleisure, activewear is also emerging as one of 2020’s hottest buys. Changing lifestyles around the globe have increased consumer investment in fitness and related accessories.

As the sports and fitness industry grows rapidly, so will athleisure trends. Look at platforms like Pinterest or Instagram for help deciding which styles to stock, and consider partnering with an Instagram influencer or running Pinterest ads to stand out in the crowd.

While there are plenty of activewear products for men, women’s athleisure tends to trend higher in the marketplace overall.

  • Longline bras
  • Ultra-high-waisted leggings
  • Customized activewear
  • Hoodies
  • Higher fashion activewear


5. Planners and Notebooks

With the start of the new year, more and more online shoppers are looking for resources to help them get organized for the upcoming year. Since the start of COVID19, there has been a stronger focus on mindfulness and meditation as a source of escape from life’s current hecticness. More and more, items like guided journals and reflection are showing up in stores all over the web.

Have a bit of extra time on your hands? Try creating a custom design for your planner! If you’re the creative type, you’ll find yourself having fun while also making some money. If you decide to create designs that follow trends or fads, take note to also make journal or notebook designs that are timeless.

  • Bullet journals
  • Meditation journals
  • Daily planners
  • Calendars
  • Custom designs


6. Yoga Mats

With the increased rise in home workouts, one item remains supreme: the yoga mat. Yoga mats are being bought up by consumers because of growing health and lifestyle movements.

Yoga lessons can be done at home with nothing more than gym clothes, a mat, and some instructional videos, making them one of the most accessible aspirational home workouts. Additionally, anyone can buy a yoga mat for the price of a one month gym membership, significantly cutting the barrier to entry.

Here are some of the top performing yoga mat vendors and brands. Take a quick look at what they’re currently doing to start incorporating strategies into your selling methods.

  • Lululemon
  • Yogabum
  • Manduka PROlite
  • Hugger Mugger Para Rubber
  • PrAna Revolutionary


7. Mobile Device Accessories

Mobile devices are here to stay. In fact, during the pandemic, global mobile device owners reported using their phone 70% more frequently. Surprisingly the respondents only used their laptops 40% more. It’s no surprise that we’re entering a new era of device use!

Smartphone accessories are a practical necessity for any owner, but buyer behaviors are motivated by personalizability. Think of how excited your potential customers might be when they can purchase a phone case, with a matching laptop cover.

If you also possess lots of designs, work with a print-on-demand company! You’ll only need to stock one style of phone case, and can scale as necessary for new products. You’ll just have to change the design. You’ll hold their attention, keep them coming back for more purchases, and drive up their cart spend.

  • Phone cases
  • Laptop cases
  • Laptop skins
  • Smartwatch bands
  • PopSockets


8. Puzzles & Games

With the rise of “Zoom fatigue,” the aptly-named condition for spending too much time on-screen for both school and work, more and more people are looking for ways to lower their screen time. Puzzles and board games are an easy way to bring together both family and friends together. There are even board games, like Jackbox Games, that feature an online-interactive element, so you can play with different friends across the world, or the city.

Shopping for these items usually peaks around the holidays, but in recent months the trend has shifted to March through June as well. Look forward to similar buyer interest in the coming months!


What makes a product good for e-commerce?

E-commerce businesses fail when they fail to listen to their customers. Imagine your digital sales as a conversation. You must first seek to understand your customers before marketing to them.

If none of your customers are asking for feline-friendly selfie sticks, think twice before investing in them.To get started, study what products e-commerce giants like Amazon or Alibaba are selling.

Keep in mind, however, that trending items which drive profit for these sites might not always work for a smaller e-commerce site.To maximize on your sales, your e-commerce products should possess at least three of these characteristics:


1. You have a dedicated online sales pipeline

No matter your sales volume, you must have a website in place! This is your virtual storefront. Especially in 2021, a landing page, product catalog, and functional checkout process is necessary for a frictionless buying experience. When consumers can’t visit your brick-and-mortar store (if you have one) the only way for you to innovate is by having an Online Store.

To get your online sales pipeline in place, look into what your competition is doing. If you are a health and beauty vendor, for example, make sure that your website reflects your audience’s interests. Have a solid social media strategy, and make sure that you can engage potential customers at every step of the purchasing cycle.


2. Your product can be sold for US$10-40

Widely accepted as the “sweet spot” for online shoppers, this price range is perfect for impulse buys and informed transactions alike. Surprisingly, a product priced above US$50 can motivate a potential customer to look elsewhere for a better deal.

If your item is listed above the US$10-40 range, make sure to offer deals, sales, or competitive pricing to knock down any contenders. Take note: items in the US$1-10 range are generally not worth the shipping costs, leading consumers to purchase these items in-store. However, lower priced goods could bolster your add-on item strategy -- if you have one in place.


3. Your item is unique and exciting

If you have optimized your site and products, your customers should be viewing your store and repeating purchases because you sell the newest and most interesting products. Truly understanding your customers can keep them coming back to your store.

If you do not carry products that excite your customers first, any further e-commerce marketing strategies will be futile. As with all things online, do your research to gain the upper-hand. Leverage your competition by examining their products, and offer enough of a variety to differentiate yourself–especially if you are selling to a niche market.


4. Your product is non-perishable, non-fragile, easy-to-store and easy-to-ship

When faced with the stress of expired goods, difficult storage requirements, and expensive shipping costs, your e-commerce budget could suffer.

If you cannot sell all your merchandise before the shopping frenzy ceases, you could be left with a lot of backstock–which means increased storage stress. And steer clear of potentially fragile items. A bad shipping experience could damage customer loyalty.

If you are after consistent customer purchase behavior and reliable income for your e-commerce business, choose the items that are evergreen, require little storage resources, and are simple to fulfill.


How to stay on top of e-commerce trends

Before selling trending items, ask yourself these questions: Which items in my e-commerce store are performing best? Is a large percentage of my customer-base purchasing from a specific category of my online store? How do 2021’s trending items complement my site’s buyer-behaviour?

Though following online trends may be tempting, it is important to maintain a consistent supply of evergreen products–items that consistently sell. Why? You do not want to be seen by your customers as “trying too hard”, nor do you want to have non purchased goods taking up valuable inventory space.

Additionally, you can watch trends on suppliers’ websites, as well as peruse consumer blogs. Our best advice? Find trending products that piggyback on the merchandise your shoppers already love.

After finding an on-trend item that elevates your current catalog, then target a subset of customers to learn more about how 2021’s trending products might motivate your buyers to make purchasing decisions.

And then sell, sell, sell!



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