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Top 11 Must-Have Tools for Your E-commerce Website

Experts predict that by 2020 the global e-commerce economy will cross the $4 trillion mark. If you have an e-commerce website or plan to build one using an eCommerce platform, the future looks quite bright for you.

However, the figure should tell you that you are a part of a huge market, with a lot of competitors. Hence, it would be wise for you to know that your e-commerce website needs a few online marketing tools to aid its functionality.



“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” -Jeff Bezos, Founder of

Here are some tools that will make your e-commerce website work like a well-oiled machine.


1. Acquire Live chat:

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. The manner in which a business deals with its customers or clients determines whether they would recommend it to anyone.

E-commerce websites face certain limitations when it comes to customer servicing, thereby adding to their problems. Therefore, Acquire has come up with a Live Chat tool.

Live Chat tool makes it easy for businesses to keep a clear line of communication with their customers, at all times. Whether your customers need help in finding the right product or need technical support, with the help of Live Chat software you can give them a live demonstration of your service or product. Also, the ‘screen sharing’ feature allows you to guide your customer step by step.



Best features of the tool:
  • Live text chat: It is possible to send and receive text messages simultaneously through this feature. It is the one of the best tool used for the customer and inquiry conversation.
  • Live Video assistance: In today’s time, it is very important for most of the businesses to provide video assistance to their customers. This tool helps the business reps to interact with the customers personally and face to face.
  • Co-browsing software: Co-browsing technology allows an agent to connect directly to the customer’s browser window. The rep can also see the customer’s mouse cursor, web page and interact with the web page in real-time.
  • Screen sharing: Most of the customers aren't tech savvy so they might need the additional support. Acquire’s Screen-sharing feature allows the agents to gain temporary access to the customers’ computer and assist them through the process. It’s flawless and fluent and provides a full HD experience to both the parties.



2. ProProfs Help Desk:

In the online industry, repeat customers are paramount to the success of any e-commerce business and therefore, it becomes all the more important to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Now, with a lot of queries coming in the form of product feature requests, pricing requests, etc. your support team might fail to respond to every customer email.

This is exactly where the ProProfs Help Desk comes to the picture and makes your team well-equipped to deal with an increasing number of tickets quickly.

So if you are having a hard time keeping track of valuable customer emails, then ProProfs Help Desk is the solution to your online business needs. Let’s quickly explore some more benefits of this tool.



Best features of the tool:
  • Share faster responses: When it comes to ecommerce customer service, speed is the name of the game. ProProfs help desk reduces agent efforts and allows them to share lightning-fast responses.
  • Shared Inbox: With a shared inbox, you can club all your customer-facing inboxes (support@, returns@, billing@, info@, etc.) under a single roof and manage multiple accounts from a shared dashboard.
  • Automated workflow: Rise above repetitive tasks with an automated workflow where tickets are automatically assigned to the right agents and they receive automated alerts and notifications.
  • Canned responses: Is responding to common customer questions eating up your valuable time? ProProfs offers a canned response feature that allows you to resolve common requests with ease.
  • Awesome human support: ProProfs is known for its awesome 24x7 support. You can contact them via phone, email, chat, or simply register a ticket on their website.



3. Omnisend:

For the online sellers who need more e-commerce-friendly tools from their email marketing provider, Omnisend is a go-to platform. With Omnisend, you’ll be able to create e-commerce-focused email campaigns and automation workflows in a few clicks, offering you the critical welcome, cart abandonment, and post-purchase follow up emails you need. This platform even comes with their best e-commerce workflow templates, so it’s a matter of just customizing your workflow for your online brand.



Best features of the tool:
  • Visual builder for email, automation workflows, email capture forms, landing pages, SMS, and etc.
  • E-commerce-focused features like auto-generated discount codes, and the ability to pull products directly from your store to your campaign in a matter of clicks.
  • Smart segmentation for easy campaign targeting.
  • Powerful automation workflow splits that allow you to target customers as they move through your workflow.
  • Email and SMS capture with forms, landing pages, popups, etc.
  • Advanced sales reporting for online sellers.



4. MailChimp:

On connecting your online store with MailChimp, you will be able to create targeted campaigns, automate follow-ups and send ‘back-in-stock’ messages. The tool helps you learn about what your customers are purchasing, which will eventually help you create better targeted emails for them.



Best features of the tool:
  • Flexible design for all sizes
  • Powerful and effective automation for online sellers
  • Advanced analytics to grow your business
  • Comprehensive mobile options that go well with your e-commerce brand
  • Hundreds of integration with apps you are already using
  • Complex and flexible API documentation



5. ReferralCandy:



Here one gets a reward for telling their friends about your store. It is the e-commerce store plug-in that helps your e-commerce site to get more word of mouth sales. ReferralCandy has been successfully running referral marketing campaigns since 2009. It helped numerous brands to increase their referral rates and growing sales for our customers.


Best features of the tool:
  • ReferralCandy gives you the flexibility to create and set a variety of reward and incentive programs.
  • It gives every customer their own referral link and makes it easy for new members to join your program.
  • In today’s era, referral marketing is one of the most powerful methods to generate new customers for any other business.
  • According to ReferralCandy, the ROI of the referral marketing can go up to 300%, or even more!



6. Betaout:



It’s tiresome work to import-export customer data again and again from one tool to another. Betaout provides you the single repository of all the purchase, activities, events, intent, social footprint, browsing history and more updates in real-time.

It is said that email marketing offers the highest Returns on investment of all the marketing channels. However, crafting good emails isn’t an easy job. Apart from designing an attractive email and writing a perfect subject line, there are various ways to optimize the emails for better conversion, increased engagement and functionality.


Best features of the tool:
  • Customer segments: Betaout provides a detailed analysis on the user-behavior and also segregates them into various unique segments, thereby assisting in making the targeting more specific.
  • Right time to connect feature: It provides the data analysis of the customers based on the time. For example analysis of the particular customer at which he/she is most active and so on.
  • Automation feature: It automates features like multi-step campaigns, campaign scheduling, analytics, and lead scoring.
  • Excellent support team: The team helps to start retargeting and re-accusation of campaigns that helps to convert inactive users into an active user.



7. Metrilo:



Unlike Google Analytics, the Metrilo tool updates the order statuses in real-time. Therefore you can see your revenue accurately calculated. It doesn’t count refunded or canceled orders. You can look up for specific order statuses like “on hold”, “delivered”, “pending”, etc.


Best features of the tool:
  • Customer LTV
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Average orders per customer
  • Checkout completion
  • Conversion rates by device
  • Revenue per visitor
  • Average order value


8. Wigzo:



Wigzo’s Machine Learning technology converts your data into predictive insights and also suggests the best engagement channel that is suitable for your marketing action. One can access all the audience data whether it is from media channels or digital forums. Wizgo technologies unite marketing automation with individual behaviors. This helps marketers to boost their campaign results.


Best features of the tool:
  • 360-degree user profiling
  • Behavioral automation
  • Email personalization
  • Personalized notifications
  • Product recommendations
  • Exit intent


9. Google Analytics:



Google Analytics is the most preferred way to track most of the data of your e-commerce site. You simply need to add a small amount of code the back end of your site. It will allow you to collect data to view which traffic sources have been most beneficial or profitable. This facilitates you to work out your marketing ROI easily.


Best features of the tool:
  • Number of transactions
  • Conversion rate
  • Total revenue
  • Average order value
  • Number of unique purchases
  • Quantity of products sold
  • Quantity of product sold
  • Revenue by product
  • Average price of products
  • Day to transaction
  • Visits to transaction


10. Crazy Egg:



Crazy Egg gives you the extraordinary and competitive advantage to improve your website without spending much. With the help of the tool, you can build a site that your users and customers love. Once you get to know what they like to use and what they don't, you can make changes will make a difference in your site.


Best features of the tool:
  • HeatMap: This gives you a picture of where people clicked on your site.
  • ScrollMap: This gives you the picture of how far down in the page visitor are scrolling and it helps to determine where the visitors abandon the page.
  • Overlay: The report displays the data of the number of clicks of the each element of your page.
  • Confetti: Once you are aware of where your most of clicks are coming from, you can work on the exact traffic sources to maximize the revenue.


11. Facebook Ads:



Marketing on Facebook is one of the most efficient tactics to increase sales of your online business. Facebook ads make it simple to reach the audience who matter to your business. It also tracks the results of the advertising across various devices.


This is how you can advertise with Facebook ads:
  • By setting up a page
  • Boost the post of your page to reach more people
  • Reach the customers you know using the right Facebook business tools
  • Choose particular advert audience
  • Track customer actions on your website



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