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How to Sell on Shopee Malaysia (And Make More Money in 2021)

If you’d like to make money online this year and continuously for several years, this post is going to become your guide. Not only we are going to reveal the basics of how to sell on Shopee Malaysia, but we’ll also dive into the power of digital marketing to skyrocket your success so you can make thousands or even millions of dollars per year selling product online.

We’ll cover promoting products on Shopee, creating a Shopee seller account, how to start selling on Shopee, and a step-by-step guide to the whole process, so you’ll start making money on Shopee in no time.

Let’s dive in.


What Is Shopee?

Launched in 2015 in Singapore, Shopee is now one of the top e-commerce platforms.

It has also become one of the most popular mobile apps for people to buy and sell from.

The backbone of the platform that pushed the success is the Sea Group Company.

Shopee operates in 7 countries including Malaysia. Others 6 countries are namely Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand as of 2019.

The application allows users to browse, buy and sell, anytime and anywhere.

The platform leans more on mobile and social elements.


Why Should I Sell on Shopee?

Earning extra income monthly is one of the main reasons that you might want to consider selling on this platform.

In this platform, sellers work toward their shop reputation and gaining followers by giving extra attention.


– Commission Free

Compared to other online shopping platforms, selling on Shopee is commission free.

It is totally free to start Shopee as you are not required to pay yearly or monthly fee.


– Free Shipping

When a customer buys products worth RM25 and above, Shopee holds the weight of shipping cost.

Good news is that you don’t have to pay when shipping to your customers. However, terms and conditions apply.


– Mobile Uploading and Selling

With 4 simple steps: sign in-upload-edit-submit, selling on Shopee is as easy as uploading and describing your products.


– Interacting with Buyers

Customers look for great customer services besides look for great products.

Through the ‘chat’ feature, you are able to chat with your buyers and ensure they get to buy exactly the thing they wanted from you.


– Help Section

This section is compelling and if you have any general questions, you can refer to this section.

From shipping and delivery inquiries to offering simple guides for the seller, it covers from A to Z.


– Multi-language Support

The language support is why this platform is preferred by many.

The five different languages that Shopee supports are English, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese.


What Product Can I Sell On Shopee?

Prohibited items that have been banned by Shopee namely drugs, alcohol, wildlife products, weapons, cigarettes, stocks, stolen goods, medicine and more.

Besides the items mentioned, you are free to sell anything. From furniture to clothing items. Shopee categorized the items you can sell in these:

  • Gaming & consoles
  • Groceries & Pets
  • Health & Beauty
  • Mobile & Gadgets
  • Automotive
  • Travel & Luggage
  • Men & Women Fashion
  • Home & Living
  • Computer & Accessories
  • Home Appliances
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Kids Toys, Clothing, and Fashion


How to Start Selling on Shopee Malaysia?

To start selling on Shopee, sellers need to submit an application form, for English language registration, visit Shopee’s Malaysia site at


Ready to get started? To start selling on Shopee, follow these steps:


1. Download the Shopee app

It is available for both in Apple App store and Google Play store.


2. Register

Once you open the app, click ‘Sign Up’ to register an account. You are required to enter your mobile number and also set a password

You will also be given the option to log in with Facebook or Email.


3. Create your seller account

Click the ‘Selling Tab” which directs you to the account setting. You should include:

  • User Name (your name or brand name)
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Bank Account/Cards


4. Tap ‘Start Selling’ on your profile



Go to profile, click on Start Selling on top left of your screen.


5. Add product



You will be able to upload pictures of your product. You may also edit your photos.


6. Product details



Let potential customers know more about your products! You should include:

  • Category
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Variation
  • Weight
  • Shipping Fee
  • Days to Ship
  • Enable ‘Publish Product’



Your products won’t be published live on your shop if this is not enabled.

Potential customers won’t be able to find your product in your shop.


7. Submit



Once, you have completed all the steps, you products is now live on Shopee.

You are now officially a Shopee seller!


The Importance of Having Your Own Website

While it is good to sell on Shoppe, is it wise to sell on your website too. Having your own website will give you a full authority of ownership.

In your website, you can include the product price, have a database, as a backup when something goes wrong on the third-party platform like Shopee.

Do people still go on websites these days? The answer is yes and for very good reasons too.

  • Want to Know Moments
  • Want to go Moments
  • Want to do Moments
  • Want to buy Moments


If you have a website, people may be more convinced with the products that you are selling.

To convince people, you need to know the importance of having a website with good design.

You basically got few seconds to grab the attention of the visitors and ensure that they will stay.

Follow these tips and you should see a lift in the number of sales or leads from your website:


Make Your Site User-Friendly

You have to keep your website clean and simple for the eyes of the visitors.

The use of images should be used strategically. Use more words and fewer images.

Make navigation simple. The fewer the clicks required to buy your products, the better.

It will be convenient for the visitors if you make your links obvious.


Develop Your Customers’ Trust

To gain trust, you should share your qualifications. Let them know that you’re reachable.

If you have people who have used your products, you should use testimonials. Customer pictures accompanied with video, audio, and written testimonials.

Show your trust badge which is a certified e-commerce badge. This can boost your credibility.


Create Customer Loyalty Program

Retain your customers is an essential aspect in your business.

You can do this by educating your customers by keeping on sharing relevant and information about your products.

Give people a reason to come back to your website. It is likely that they will buy your products.



To start selling on online platforms like Shopee, you have to go through a simple procedure.

This provides a great opportunity for us to gain extra income by selling our products.

However, bear in mind, there are many sellers out there. They might also be selling similar products to yours.

Furthermore, by having your own website, you are more likely to stand out among the others.

Having the right credibility, people will put their trust on your products.

Hence, the website will definitely help to grow your online business much better this year.



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