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How to Sell on Shopee: Step by Step Guide and Tips For Beginners

You open up your seller’s centre to check on your product sales, only to realise that you have quite a bit of work to catch up on! While you’re doing a good job of getting people to your store, the numbers are however not reflecting it. You’re just not getting enough of visitor to sales conversions.


1. Easy to upload products for sale using mobile phone

  • Select the ‘Sell from Camera’ option in the mobile app.
  • Take a picture of the product you want to sell using the in-app camera.
  • Describe the product and add details such as price, weight, color and shipping information.
  • Upload the product and your product will be live online.


2. No commissions

  • Shopee does not take any commissions for sales made on the platform.
  • This is a huge advantage for sellers.
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3. Free shipping

  • Shopee is footing the bill for shipping when a customer buys products worth more than RM35 from them.
  • Customers are able to enjoy the benefit of free shipping for one check out a day.
  • Advantage for sellers as it makes your products appear cheaper to your customers.


4. Chat feature lets you talk to your potential buyers without having to use your own private phone number

  • There is an in-app chat feature that lets potential customers ask you questions directly about the product you are selling.
  • It mimics the chat function of messenger apps like Whatsapp.
  • You do not have to give away your private phone number if you do not want to.


5. Sync Instagram photos

  • This is especially useful for people who are already active sellers on Instagram.
  • You can upload your Instagram photos by selecting the ‘Sell from Instagram’ option.
  • You will be able to save a lot of time by syncing your Instagram photos to Shopee.


Who can join this online business?

Since Shopee is a peer-to-peer platform, anyone can sell on it. There are very little restrictions.



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