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SappTech Sdn Bhd

SappTech Sdn Bhd

SappTech have been providing the preeminent technologies to Health, Industrial and Domestic market segment in South Asia. With our offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Brunei, we share a world of experience, services and technical knowledge in delivering the best solutions to our customers.

SappTech's UV systems provide non-chemical disinfection of air, water and surface with a full range of technologically superior products and combined with world class application development, engineering and customer support.

SappTech's medical division provides the best technological range of medical facilities to hospital, clinic and child care center.

SappTech is ushering into a new era of environmental change and process improvement to provide a healthy living world for our society.

We are in the business of providing a total UV solution to both Industrial and Domestic sector of our economy.

The germicidal effect of 254nm radiation on bacteria has been well documented over the years. Many bacteria, being small in size, are capable of airborne transmission from host to host. One of the dangers inherent with this means of transfer is that the original can release the bacteria through respiration, sneezing, coughing etc. and the pathogen remains in the room long after the original host departs. This can allow the infection of many individuals by a single host in the air is systematically contaminated.

Areas can include: physician and hospital waiting rooms, dental rooms, examining rooms, holding areas (in the case of detention and processing centers), treatment rooms, dog kennels, kinder-garden, schools, departmental and supermarket and anywhere where people or animals congregate.


05 April 2018


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